Important Notification

:: PAY DMF ONLINE :: Facility is available from 07th JAN 2017 onwards.

eChallan can be generated from DO till 14th Dec 2016.From 15th Dec 2016 permits have to be taken instead of DO(Delivery Order) by all the concerned lessees.

Washed coal demand amount should be paid by concerned lessees before 31.10.2016 otherwise, their e-permit/challan will be stopped from 01.11.2016.

DMF & NMET arrears should be paid by concerned lessees otherwise their e-challan will be stopped after recommendation from their respective DMOs/AMOs.


Do you know

  • Objective of JIMMS was have end to end tracking of Mineral Ore using IT tool on the amount Produced , Despatched and Consumed.
  • With JIMMS , all file movements for award of permit, trader license and various certificates, returns will be made online.
  • JIMMS will have transactions with other department / Ministries database, which either operates on push or pull of data.
  • Identification and codification of all stakeholder and also mapping them with IBM code to avoided confusion.
  • Rs.3449.83 crore collected as royalty for FY 2014-15.

Innovations & Testimonials

  • End to end tracking of Mineral Ore from Source till destination(Rail ,Port & Industry Head ).
Stakeholder's Database